The new Institutions collection allows users to search for institutions in High Energy Physics. It features:

  • Links from author affiliations to the institution’s page
  • List of authors affiliated with the institution
  • List of papers from the institution
  • Citation summary of the papers from the institution

Display advisors

Author profiles now display names of their advisors.

First author search

First author search is now available by typing ‘fa’ before an author name, eg. fa einstein,a

Search with texkey

A popular request from the community has been to support searches using the texkey eg: Einstein:1916vd . This is now implemented, see the example here.


The High-Energy Physics community’s feedback has always been part of shaping and improving INSPIRE. Stay tuned for upcoming features here.
For feature requests, please fill in your feedback here. For any other request, you can contact us at <>.

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