INSPIRE is committed to keep up with all the new publications in the field of high energy physics. As part of that, over the years, INSPIRE has managed to collect more than 30.000 theses! Only last year INSPIRE added more than 2000 theses to its collection. Approximately 70% of them are Phd level.

Figure 1: Total number of theses in INSPIRE

Although theses only cover the 3% of the total HEP publications collection, they made up 40% of user submissions in 2015, so it is noticeable that  there is  a large demand for better coverage. Finding all the theses concerning the HEP field every year from around the world is a very difficult task. While the focused and devoted INSPIRE team constantly searches for new publications, it might not find all of them, which is why we need your help.

Figure 2: Thesis collection categorized by field

As with every other publication on INSPIRE, when submitting a thesis a person, is automatically given an author profile, which will include his first publication. In case this publication is not his first the author profile will already exist and it will get updated.

For all of these reasons we recommend that all students who want to start building their career in high energy physics should suggest their thesis to INSPIRE. . Moreover, professors and supervisors should also encourage and recommend this action to their students. Please note that for those of you a CERN, we take theses available on CDS automatically.

If you are interested in submitting your thesis to INSPIRE, check out INSPIRE labs. All the analytical steps and directions that will guide you through the thesis suggestion process can be found here.

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