In order to fulfill user requests more efficiently and better comply with data privacy requirements, we have migrated to a new support tool.

The primary method to contact us now goes through a form allowing us to collect more structured feedback, and it remains possible to perform many common operations yourselves. Head to our “contact us” help page (also linked from the footer of the main website) for more information.

In the past, we were primarily processing support requests by email at,,, etc. These email addresses are no longer active and new messages sent there will not receive a reply.

In INSPIRE, reference lists are automatically extracted from papers and processed in order to track citations. While this process is fairly reliable, sometimes references are not recognized properly and the corresponding citation is not captured.

Previously, if you noticed incorrect references, you had to open a support ticket to inform the INSPIRE support staff that changes needed to be made, which was a somewhat tedious process for both parties. While this option remains available for more complex cases, if only a few references are recognized incorrectly, you can now fix the issue yourself by logging in with your ORCID account and clicking on the “edit” button next in the reference list.

You can refer to our documentation for more details. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

There are two pieces of information we’d like to communicate related to the availability of INSPIRE during this winter.

  • From 21 Dec 2022 to 4 Jan 2023, the INSPIRE team will work on a reduced schedule and it will take a bit longer than usual to address your requests.
  • Due to the strained European electricity supply following the war in Ukraine, we have been informed that the CERN Data Centre hosting the INSPIRE infrastructure might face power outages during extended periods of time. Although such events are unlikely, we advise you to anticipate your needs as much as possible and not take the availability of the service for granted right before a deadline.

The INSPIRE Team wishes you all the best for the season and a happy new year!