Have you ever updated your author profile and had to wait for the changes to be approved? This is no longer the case!

In the past, any edit in your author profile needed to be approved by the INSPIRE team for quality assurance purposes. With your ORCID login, you can now edit your profile and view the changes immediately. All edits are reviewed by the INSPIRE team and further updates might be necessary to ensure the content quality of the INSPIRE database.

Note that you can only edit the profile associated with your ORCID.

How it works

1. Login to INSPIRE

2. Go to your profile:


3. Click on the Edit button

4. Fill in the form and Submit

Your changes are immediately visible in your profile!


The High-Energy Physics community’s feedback has always been part of shaping and improving INSPIRE. Stay tuned for upcoming features here.

For feature requests, please fill in your feedback here. For any other request, you can contact us at <feedback@inspirehep.net>.

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