We are happy to announce the release of the new INSPIRE REST API! 

Documentation: https://github.com/inspirehep/rest-api-doc

The highlights of the new API are:

  • Access data from the search and detailed record pages programmatically
  • JSON-based: in contrast to the API on the old INSPIRE, the new API uses JSON as primary data format, which is easy to use in a vast number of programming languages, and uses human-readable and well-documented fields.
  • Other formats, like BibTeX or LaTeX, are directly available and don’t require extracting them from an HTML page


The old API on https://old.inspirehep.net/ will soon be deprecated. If you have been using the old API, please adapt your scripts accordingly. The instructions on how to use the new API are found here

Upcoming features

In the next few weeks, we plan to allow filtering the API response, so you can get only the part of the records you’re interested in. 


The new API is in active development, so feel free to inform us in case of issues or suggestions by creating an issue or contacting us at <feedback@inspirehep.net>.

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