Blogs and Twitter feeds are an increasingly important means of communication for the HEP community. Whether it is the casual thoughts and observations of an individual or the official communications of an experimental collaboration, these modern avenues provide a nice background briefing to help us make sense of the official literature and keep up with the latest developments we may otherwise miss.

Following suggestions from some of you, INSPIRE recognizes the importance of this and we’ve begun to add this information to our records. See HEPNames for a list of links to tweets and blogs from the community, EXPERIMENTS for the Twitter feeds of the collaborations and INSTITUTIONS to keep up with news from your favorite HEP labs. You’ll find these links on the Orange Boxes on the right hand side of INSPIRE.

Do you know of any we’re missing? Contact us at


3 Thoughts on “Twitter feeds and Blogs now listed in HEPNames

  1. How does one edit their author profile to indicate a blog or twitter account?

  2. It looks like you do it by adding the URLs as “your web page” in the HepNames record (but I guess that requires manual confirmation and is not immediate). Thanks Patricia!

  3. We are very glad that you found this information interesting and useful and we will be happy to add as many accounts as possible.

    The blogs and Twitter accounts that have been added to our list on INSPIRE, are taken from your HEPNames profiles. This list was created with the information that we already had.

    If you would like us to add your blog or Twitter account to the list, you can paste a link to it on your HEPNames profile under “Your web page”.

    Please have in mind that it might take a while before it appears on the list as every edit needs to be manually approved.

    Please continue sending us your suggestions to help us make the collection even better.

    INSPIRE team

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