Once more, we extended the information we provide on our author profile pages on INSPIRE. You can now find subject categories among other information such as affiliations and co-authors. Furthermore, we provide you with a graph showing the numbers of publications per year. You might need to clear your browser cache to see the graph. As it takes a lot of processing to calculate this information, we precompute them regularly for your convenience. In the bottom right corner of the page, you can find the date the page has been generated and a link to recompute it to get the most current information on an author.

To access these author profile pages and see our novelties, just click on an author name the next time you do a search on INSPIRE. If you think there‚Äôs still information missing on these pages or have other comments and questions on author pages, don’t hesitate to contact us at feedback@inspirehep.net.

5 Thoughts on “Author profile pages updated

  1. Thanks for your great work,
    Would be nice if there were a more straightforward way to go to the HEPNAMES page.

  2. Is there any plans of integration with ORCiD?

  3. Thanks for your interest. Indeed, INSPIRE has been active in the ORCID community since its very beginning. As we complete the disambiguation of the INSPIRE author data, we are exploring ways to integrate very closely to ORCID. Ideas are e.g. to let INSPIRE users add their ORCID identifier to their profile page (coming relatively soon), faclitate the way INSPIRE users with claimed papers can create an ORCID identifier (more difficult, might take a bit longer), use ORCID when they will be available in published articles/arXiv preprints to have those magically appear in an author profile and never mix authors (or lose citations) again (this will have to wait for more widespread adoption of ORCID). We plan to release many of these features over the next year and we will keep you updated via this blog and Twitter. Keep the good ideas coming!

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  5. On addition to the Author Publication Profile Page, you can also go to the HEPNAMES database, http://inspirehep.net/collection/HepNames , just by clicking on the banner along the top of the INSPIRE page.

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