Following our users’ request to extend the historical content of INSPIRE, we now provide full text PDFs of contributions to the International Conferences on High-Energy Accelerators (HEACC). Conference proceedings are a cornerstone of communication for the Accelerator Physics community, (as preprints are for the HEP community) and these proceedings are very valuable, as HEACC was the first important accelerator conference series. In total, 18 conferences took place – the first one in 1956 at CERN and the last one in 2001 in Tsukuba in Japan. The proceedings have been scanned and are searchable. Unfortunately, the contributions from the 11th (in Geneva in 1980) and the 15th (in Hamburg in 1992) conference cannot be made available, except for preprints we already have in INSPIRE, as the copyright for these is owned by the publishers. The 2001 contributions are only available in digital form. Unfortunately, the links to the conference homepage are broken but we will try to get in touch with the editors to make these contributions available. The conferences can be found in the conference database with the search find series HEACC. As part of each conference entry, you will find a link that leads you to a list of the contributions.

In addition to the conference proceedings, we have also scanned the Catalogues of High-Energy Accelerators published in conjunction with some of the HEACC conferences.

If you or your colleagues happen to have an electronic version of historical material that is listed on INSPIRE, we are happy to make it available. For this or other comments, just let us know at

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