HEPJobs is the latest database to transfer over to INSPIRE: http://inspirehep.net/Jobs

HEPJobs is a well established, free-of-charge service, where people can post and find academic and research jobs of interest to the community in high energy physics, nuclear physics, accelerator physics and astrophysics. It allows thousands of people in HEP to connect as both employers and job seekers providing a natural and efficient match between job ads and viewers. Over the past decade we have listed over 8,000 jobs; in 2010 alone we added over 1,600 jobs. In peak season, our site gets over 5,000 hits per day.

We accept direct submissions of ads and also collect job listings from our partner site, AcademicJobsOnline.org, and the websites of universities and laboratories around the world.

Over the coming months we’ll be adding improvements such as the ability to post vacancies, modify or delete them or extend the deadline immediately through a web form without having to wait for a human operator.

Please send any questions regarding HEPJobs to jobs@inspirehep.net.

Heath O’Connell

3 Thoughts on “HEPJobs comes to INSPIRE

  1. The new INSPIRES job web-page looks very nice, but it is still not as nice as the old SLAC SPIRES job web-page, I think.

    In the old SPIRES job page, especially from the so-called “matrix form”, one could see the number of jobs for each field (hep-ph, hep-th, nucl-th, etc) and for each rank (student, postdoc, junior, senior, etc). Thus from such a page, one could immediately see the comparative information in all fields, to get an idea which field has a good job market this year, which field has a bad job market, and etc.

    In the new INSPIRES job page, even though we could also select one or several combined fields to get all the job ads, it is still difficult to get these comparative information as in the old SPIRES job page.

    I would strongly suggest INSPIRES provides such a comparative (or unified) page, just like the old SPIRES job page.

  2. We plan to bring the jobs matrix back soon.

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