Monday 28th June 2021 marks a milestone for INSPIRE.

After 10 years of successful operation, the old INSPIRE is switching off.

In March 2020, the new INSPIRE replaced the old user interface and on June 28th 2021 the old interface will be completely removed, as announced earlier in the year. This operation will allow the development team to focus on new features and to improve the quality of the INSPIRE metadata.

  • More features are coming up, like fulltext search and claiming your own papers. 
  • Citation counts may differ between the old and the new INSPIRE platform due to technical differences in the way citing and cited records are connected. Citation counts are more accurate on the new platform as we fixed several issues affecting the old system.
  • You can find search tips in using the new INSPIRE here.


During this transition period, please send new feature requests here. For any other request, you can contact us at <>.