Did you know that INSPIRE has a tool that generates a complete and properly ordered bibliography from the references you cite in your LaTeX file? With this tool you can also easily convert a LaTeX reference list to BibTeX format. Just be sure to use one of these forms for each of your citations:

  1. INSPIRE Texkeys, e.g. cite{Beacom:2010kk}
  2. Eprint numbers, e.g. cite{1004.3311} or cite{hep-th/9711200}
  3. Journal references, e.g. cite{Phys.Rev.D66.10001}

Then you can upload your LaTeX file here and you will receive the list of the references in the order they are cited in your paper. The system will understand cite fields with multiple papers such as cite{Beacom:2010kk, hep-th/9711200}. But note that if you combine multiple papers under a single texkey, only the one belonging to the texkey will show up.  When you upload the file, you can choose either LaTeX or BibTeX as the output. Remember to reorder your references if you edit the file, or simply resubmit to us.

If you would like to convert your LaTeX bibliography to  BibTeX, simply change “%cite” to “cite” in the file and upload it to the same form with BibTeX as the output.

More detailed instructions can be found here. We hope this takes some of the hassle out of creating reference lists. If you encounter difficulties or have more suggestions, let us know via feedback@inspirehep.net.