Monday, August 5, 2013

Search tips: Dates and full-text search

Dear INSPIRE users,

Following the previous blogpost with author search tips, we would like to share a couple of more tricks for easier search on INSPIRE.


  • You can search by dates using two-digit or four-digit years by:

  • You can search by a period of time by:

  • You can both search for the date when a record was added (da) and the date when a record was updated (du).  Just remember that searching for dates before or after a certain year will also include results for the specified date, along with all other results.
  • Specifying date searches with “today” or “last year” also gives results. Check here for more information.
The search above in Invenio syntax will look like this:

author:maldacena year:1997


  • To search full-text, use the “ft” option:

In Invenio syntax, this will equal:

fulltext:"dark matter"
  • You can also perform more complex searches:
Just have in mind that full-text searching is available for all arXiv papers, but not for all theses, reports and journal articles.
For more search tips, check here.
Feel free to contact us at if you still have any questions.

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